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The California STEM Learning Network Releases New STEM Toolkit

The California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet) has recently released a report and supplement toolkit with resources to help advocates built a strong foundation of STEM and science education in schools' Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs). The policy brief, which provides an overview of science education in California, and the toolkit aim to help strengthen the role of STEM learning in the local budget development process. Resources include: talking points, guiding questions, model LCAP content, and more!

For more information, and to access these resources, click here

CalSAC and the California Academy of Sciences Partner to Create 'Science Action Clubs' Program

Register now to stay informed about news regarding the new 'Science Action Clubs' Program developed by the California School-Age Consortium and the California Academy of Sciences! This program applies a citizen science approach to promote environmental science curriculum statewide. Participating programs will receive a variety of resources and tools including: curriculum guides, educational science supplies, digital learning tools, and professional development for OST staff. 

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Scientific American's Top 10 Science Stories of 2014

The year saw many developments that will have far-reaching and long-lasting implications, both practically and intellectually. Start the countdown below and go to the end to see some of the other important stories that didn’t quite make the cut.


Read further at ScientificAmerican.

Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs Of 2014

This year, humanity landed on its first comet, a child was born to a woman with a transplanted womb, and a fossilized sea shell forced us to reconsider our conceptions of human culture. Those are just a taste of the 20 achievements, innovations, and advances we've selected for our roundup of 2014's biggest scientific breakthroughs.

Read further at io9.

STEM Education – Hearing Summary

Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla recently held a select hearing on STEM Education on October 22nd, 2014. Businesses and educational panelists were in attendance to discuss the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing high-quality STEM programs. With a greater demand for STEM education across all sectors, it is more important than ever to strengthen STEM learning. Bonilla highlighted how critical it is to develop strong collaborations and partnerships aimed to increase alignment between academic settings and the professional workplace to ensure that students are career-ready. Expanded learning programs play a key role in supporting high-quality STEM education, as they are integral partners in advancing opportunities for learning. 

For more information, and to access the full summary, click here.

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