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Quality Through the Lens of STEM

Learning in Afterschool & Summer Project

The Learning in Afterschool and Summer Project defines quality learning in after school and summer programs. In its position statement the project states that after school and summer programs are important places of learning that are:

  • Active
  • Collaborative
  • Meaningful
  • Supports Mastery
  • Expands Horizons
Learning in After School and Summer has 5 learning principles that should help define afterschool programs. These learning principles are strongly supported by recent brain research, afterschool research, and the growing science of learning. For more information visit their website, or check out the webinar on the five principles.

The Power of Discovery: STEM2 Visioning Team Describes Quality STEM in OST as:

  • Student-centered activities designed to engage and nurture student interest and curiosity
  • Project and inquiry-based learning
  • Activities that complement the academic curriculum and incorporate the practices of the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Offering integrated/ diversified subject matter
  • Offering equitable access to all students (i.e., students of all socioeconomic statuses, genders, ethnicities, linguistic abilities, and exceptional needs)





Quality STEM and OST

The Greater Bay Area Regional Innovation Support Provider provided a workshop for the Power of Discovery: STEM2.  Carol Tang, Director of the Coalition for After School Science, provided a framework for quality STEM in after school programs.

The Powerpoint for workshop #1 can be viewed here


GBARISP Power of Discovery Workshop #1