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Funding Opportunities

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation serves to provide grants to deserving programs.  The organization is dedicated to helping to close the achievement gap seen in impoverished students and minority students in middle school mathematics. They seek to do this though cultivating effective teaching strategies and offering after school assistance with mathematics work.

To access information about the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, click here. exists to help with the management of the National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. Through this database researchers can check grant application status, access cash requests, prepare and submit reports of their research, and submit applications to NSF. The public can see the latest research information and view different projects that NSF is funding.

To access, click here.

YouthBuild Grants

The Department of Labor has authorized a $75 million grant funds available through YouthBuild. This competitive process can grant up to $1,100,00 for each applicant. Grants will be provided for those that display a sufficient amount of experience and dedication. To apply, your organization must  oversee education, provide occupational skills training and employment services to disadvantages youth. YouthBuild Grants are an amazing opportunity for your program to make a bigger impact on your community.

Deadline: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 

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Mantis Award Program

The 2013 Mantis Tiller Award offers garden tillers/ cultivators to deserving charitable and educational programs. A total of 25 tillers will be awarded this year, each of them a $349.00 value.  If you operate a program that seeks to give students hands-on experience with gardening, this award would be of great interest!

Deadline: March 7, 2013

Access information of the Mantis Tiller Award Program here

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National Park Virtual Field Trips and Stewardship Funding

Take your after-school program to the Everglades, the Grand Teton, or Even the Grand Canyon National Parks.  The National Park Foundation offers electronic field trips to America’s National Parks along with commentary and background information from park rangers.  Students will learn about the natural environment as well as habitat and wildlife conservation.  You will find additional resources such as steward ship grants and professional development opportunities.

National Park Foundation

Electronic field trips

Stewardship grants

Professional development opportunities.

Green Your School Challenge

Deadline: April 22, 2013

DOSOMETHING.ORG has launched their Green Your School Challenge with Nestle, which aims to inspire schools & students “to go greener than the competition”.  Schools are eligible to win $5,000 green grants and students have an opportunity to win $500 scholarships.  Watch the short video (below) with Olivia Munn to get a snapshot of the challenge or visit their website for more details. On the website, you’ll find project ideas on recycling, energy, green agriculture, and going green at home. 


Green Your School Challenge

YouTube Video

Keep California Cool & Animated Tools - online curriculum, interactive tools, funding opportunities, and exciting games

With a mission to “provide resources to all Californians in order to reduce their environmental impact and take action to stop climate change”, offers a wide variety resources such as toolkits for individuals, small businesses, local government, and most importantly, schools.  Toolkits include money saving tips,grants,carbon calculators , and much more.  The Earth Day Network offers another take on carbon calculation by sending youth on an animal voyage to discover their own carbon consumption. Students can also go to PowerUP the game to "save the planet Helios from ecological devistation" - the game is free! 

Keep California Cool Website



Carbon calculators

Animated voyage