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STEM Competitions, Projects, & Culminating Events

STEM Competitions, Projects, & Culminating Events

There are also databases that provide comprehensive lists of reviewed curriculum specifically for expanded learning programs. The reviewed curriculum spans across various grade levels, disciplines, & subject matter.

This section offers a variety of opportunities that can be implemented outside of the regular STEM learning opportunities, which includes STEM competitions, projects, & culminating events.

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math provides a comprehensive guide to the growingfield of data science. The website features in-depth guides to how datascience is used in various industries, a comprehensive directory of datascience and related graduate degree programs, and more. The ultimate STEM guide is a resource to increase a child's interest inSTEM-related fields.

New After School Unit Will Offer High-Flying Fun

Engineering Adventures, as part of their elementary after school curriculum, has released a new unit called "Sky's the Limit," designed to engage students in topics of aeronautical engineering. Currently undergoing pilot testing, this curriculum introduces engineering in a fun and exciting way through allowing kids to build their own flying saucers and helicopters and testing them in model wind tunnels. "Sky's the Limit" is supported by NASA and will be widely available to the public in Fall 2014. 

Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project

"The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project – EECapacity – provides opportunities for professionals and volunteers to join in discussions about our environment and our communities, share success stories of where environmental education has made a difference, and learn about successful practices from across the globe.

5 Apps For Making Movies On Mobile Devices

With the available technology today, there are many apps that allow children to make their own movies, therefore exploring their creativity and developing important language arts skills. The following five apps can be used to enhance classroom experience by encouraging students to be their own moviemakers.
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Congressional High School App Contest

This year marks the first annual Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academic Competition, the “House App Contest.” This new competition is designed to engage student’s creativity and encourage their participation

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Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program (JDS) is a dynamic arts and science curriculum that teaches wetlands and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program incorporates scientific and wildlife management principles into a visual arts curriculum, with participants completing a JDS design as their visual “term paper."

Click here for more information.

USGS: Water Science for Schools

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Water Science School. Here you can find information on many aspects of water along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.


Visit BoomWriter, an engaging and easy to use writing tool where students write, read, and vote on the submissions they like the most as a chapter. The winning submission is added as a chapter to a book, and the writing process continues for another chapter. BoomWriter is completely free to use and helps teachers incorporate technology with writing.

To learn more about BoomWriter, click here. 

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Teachers TryScience

Teachers TryScience is a website that provides free lessons, teaching strategies, and resources for teachers, created by a collaboration between the New York Hall of Science,, and IBM. Teachers TryScience is designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and also provides social networking tools to enable educators to comment on and rate the lessons and professional development plans, as well as, submit their own teaching materials.


ROBOTIS specializes in STEM education for elementary school students through the use of the educational robot kit named OLLO. They offer afterschool or weekend enrichment classes that are meant to enhance creative thinking, public speaking, fine-motor skills and teamwork among others. Every week, students build a new motorized robot with a take-home robot kit provided by ROBOTIS. 

Check out ROBOTIS flyer.

Access ROBOTIS KidsLab and further information here. 

STEM GraffitiWall

STEM GraffitiWall is curriculum that engages student's natural ability to explore through quick and easy STEM-related games, puzzles, activities, and projects. Designed for grades 3 through 10, STEM GraffitiWall includes 20 activities as well as professional development techniques aimed at enhancing educator's ability to implement STEM learning. 

KidTribe and NASA's Space School Musical

KidTribe seeks to keep students moving by creating fun, innovative musical activities. They recently partnered with NASA and developed multiple videos and activities meant to make science fun for kids. The website offers these music videos along with muliple resources for teachers.

For more information on KidTribe, click here.