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First Steps: Starting a Citizen-Science Project

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May 17, 2012

Wondering how to launch a fun service-learning project or citizen-science project that your students and community will love? Edutopia can help you get the project off the ground and into action in no time. As an Edutopia writer, Evantheia Schibsted asks, "Whether it entails counting crows on urban school playgrounds or monitoring sea slugs along local beaches, what could be more hands on, instructional, and, well, fun for kids than citizen-science projects?"  The website provides great articles on how to start a citizen-science project, what citizen-science projects are, and why they are meaningful to students.  Here are a few links to get you started on your own citizen-science project:



Getting Started on Going Green: Finding Citizen-Science Projects that Work
Kids Count: Young Citizen Scientists Learn Environmental Activism
A Climate of Hope: Helping Children Respond Productively to Global Warming


Lost Ladybug Project - Tracking Ladybug Distribution
Nest Watch - Collecting Data on Nesting Birds
Native Buzz - Mapping Bees and Wasps