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Students in Regular Day and After School Programs at Lymon Gilmore Middle School Participate in Large Scientific Project

On May 31, 2014, regular day and and after school programs at Lymon Gilmore Middle School hosted the Second Annual Flight Day in celebration of Gilmore's first successful airplane flight by setting up many interactive activity booths educating students about the science and engineering behind the principles of flight. This event brought together an entire community of educators and even included a fly over by 15 local pilots.

Kids Share Their Own Creative Ideas on How to Solve Global Waste Problem

Kids from all over the world submitted their own creative ideas on how they think we should address the global waste problem to a contest facilitated by a Massachusetts-based creative research firm in partnership with the marketing company Latitude. Because current generations are extremely technology-oriented, many of the answers provided by the children reflected brilliant and revolutionary suggestions.


STEM Mentors Aim to Reverse Low Diversity Trend in Tech Fields

A recent report released by Google reveals starkingly low levels of diversity in tech fields with regards to women and minorities. Specifically, only 17% of the field is represented by women and less than 3% is represented by minority groups.


Google's White Male-Heavy Staff

Google's White Male-Heavy Staff Undelines Tech's Diversity Problem is an NPR article that addresses the recent sharing of the huge tech company's demographics. "Google's staff is made up of 70 percent men, is 61 percent white, 30 percent Asian, and all other races and ethnicities don't register above 5 percent."


Google Diversity Report & Unleashing STEM Mentors

Google Diversity Report and Unleashing STEM Mentors is a Huffington Post blog post on how Google released a diversity report that shows a severe lack of women (only 17%) & minority (under 3%) working in Google tech positions, how most technology companies do not share such information, & how some companies are working to push for female & minority participation through mentoring, university partnerships, apprenceships, & internships.


10 Imaginative Ideas From Genius Kids To Solve Our Global Waste Problem

Take a look through 10 imaginative ideas thought up & drawn out by kids that address our global waste problem.

SOURCE(S): 10 Imaginative Ideas From Genius Kids To Solve Our Global Waste Problem

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