There are also databases that provide comprehensive lists of reviewed curriculum specifically for expanded learning programs. The reviewed curriculum spans across various grade levels, disciplines, & subject matter.

Classrooms with a Cause

Classrooms with a Cause allows students to reflect on what they have learned in the classroom, and then challenges them to apply their knowledge to address a cause – an issue important to them and to their community. Classrooms with a Cause:


Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum

Brief Description: This curriculum is composed of engaging informational text and student activities. The goal of the lessons are to: improve student's scientific literacy through building critical thinking and problem solving skills, encourage collaboration and communication, and inspire creativity and innovation.

STEM Subject: Science
Other Subject: History and Economics
Grades: Kindergarten to 8th grade
Student participants: Unspecified
Format: Student workbook (PDF) and Teacher's edition (PDF)

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EiE Releases Two New 'Engineering Everywhere' Curriculum Units

Check out Engineering is Elementary's two new 'Engineering Everywhere' curriculum units for June! 

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Engineering Adventures

Engineering Adventures provides curricula involving engineer based activities meant for out-of-school time programs. Each unit pertains to different curriculum all of which will introduce students into the Engineering Design Process in real world problems. The newest addition to Engineering Adventures is the Hop To It unit, which gives students the ability to design traps for invasive species. 

Engineering Adventures!

Hop To It unit

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Engineering Adventures

Engineering Adventures (EA), a curriculum for 3rd through 5th graders in out-of-school time settings created by the Boston Museum of Science.



EverFi offers a free online, new-media learning platforms that use the latest technology – video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars and social networking -- to provide differentiated STEM education to elementary, middle and high school students.  Ignition - Digital Literacy & Responsibility™ educates students on the risks and rewards of technology.  Radius – Math & Coding™ is a STEM education program with topics ranging from the real world application of algebra to basic computer science.

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Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project

"The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project – EECapacity – provides opportunities for professionals and volunteers to join in discussions about our environment and our communities, share success stories of where environmental education has made a difference, and learn about successful practices from across the globe.

Fantasy Baseball

Brief Description: Students do math activities in the context of creating baseball teams and competing in a fantasy baseball tournament.

STEM Subject: Math
Other Subject: N/A
Grades: Elementary/Middle (Gr. 5-8)
Student participants: Up to 35
Format: Curriculum kit with materials


Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program

The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program (JDS) is a dynamic arts and science curriculum that teaches wetlands and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program incorporates scientific and wildlife management principles into a visual arts curriculum, with participants completing a JDS design as their visual “term paper."

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Great Science for Girls

The Educational Equity Center at the Academy for Educational Development (EEC/AED) through a grant from the National Science Foundation has developed Great Science for Girls: Extension Services for Gender Equity in Science through After School Programs (GSG), to provide inquiry-based, informal science learning programs that will stimulate girls’ curiosity, interest and persistence in STEM and break down the barriers of gender stereotyping.