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Overall Expanded Learning Program Quality

There are currently several assessment tools available to help expanded learning programs assess and improve program quality.

CDE Common Core Learning Modules

The California Department of Education has released a series of online learning modules to help educatiors transition to the Common Core State Standards. The resource is a collaboration between the CDE and professional learning experts.

Access free CDE Common Core Learning Modules here.

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Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP)

The National Summer Learning Association's Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP) is a research-based assessment battery designed for use by external assessors to measure the quality of summer programs across a variety of domains. CASP scores are based on a detailed rubric that provides clear pathways for improvement and professional development. The final product is a feedback report outlining strengths and opportunities for improvement in each of the nine domains of quality.


Learning in Afterschool & Summer (LIAS) Self-Assessment Tool

The Learning in AfterSchool and Summer Self-Assessment tool, provided by the California Department of Education's After School Division, is intended to enhance the quality of out-of-school time  (OST) programs and assess whether OST programs are following LIAS principles. Discover the potential of your program and how you can improve the learning environment. 

Access the LIAS Self-Assessment tool here 

Quality Self-Assessment Tool Videos and Webinars

The California AfterSchool Network has created a series of videos that highlight each of the 11 sections of the Quality Self-Assessment Tool and the 5 sections of the High School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric. Each of the 3-5 minute videos is designed to start meaningful conversations with your after school program’s stakeholders on program quality and to start a plan for continuous improvement.

Campaign for Quality! Promising Practices from High School After School Programs

The Campaign for Quality! Promising Practices from high School After School Programs is a companion to the QSAR, created to support program quality by sharing promising practices of high school after school programs statewide.

Access the Campaign for Quality! Promising Practices from High School After School Programs here

Quality Self-Assessment Rubric

The High School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric (QSAR) was created to support the growing number of high school after schoool programs and establish a framework to measure program outcomes and quality. The QSAR provides a common language and framework for various levels of program quality and allows programs to self-assess their quality in various areas and make a plan for program quality and improvement.

Access the Quality Self Assessment Rubric here

Campaign For Quality! Promising Practices Guide

The Promising Practices Guide provides promising practices that have been idenified from programs across the state around all eleven elements of the Quality Self Assessment Tool. Using the cycle identified in the Quality Self Assessment tool: 1) Assess 2) Plan 3) Improve and 4) Celebrate, this guide is intended to be used as a resource when programs reach the planning phase of the cycle.

Access the Campaign for Quality, Promising Practices Guide here

The Quality Self-Assessment Tool

The Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSAT) is a self-assessment that is meant to support a relfective process in which program staff and stakeholders explore their own programs and work collaboratively to develop strategies to enhance policies, procedures and practices. This tool was created specifically for elementary through middle school programs to:

Quality Self-Assessment Tool User's Guide

The Quality Self-Assessment Tool User's Guide was created in an attempt to help programs utilize the Quality Self-Assessment Tool most effectively The User's Guide explores the different sections of the QSAT, how to rate each section, different ways to include key stakeholders, create an action plan and much more! Access the Quality Self-

Access the Quality Self-Assessment Tool User's Guide here