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Fantasy Baseball

March 23, 2012

As part of the Jumpstarting STEM Pilot, this webinar is to help support frontline staff in their implementation of Fantasy Baseball. The webinar features two guest speakers: Ann Trescott and Imani Lucas. Ann is a middle school teacher at St. Michaels in San Diego and long time implementer of Fantasy Bassball as well as an important part of the Fantasy Baseball Curriculum Team. She gives an overview of the curriculum, necessary materials, online tools, and information about the curriculum. In addition, she surfaces common challenges implementers face when guiding the activities while also providing strategies to overcome those challenges. Imani Lucas is a Site Supervisor for Martin Luther King Technology Academy located in Sacramento, California. He discusses how Fantasy Baseball is implemented in his program as well as offering helpful suggestions and tips for staff implementing Fantasy Baseball. This webinar will be useful for all after-school programs looking to introduce an integrated math program, to further professional development opportunities for staff, and to utilize interdisciplinary, hands-on, and standards aligned curriculum.