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Improving Science Literacy & Getting Started with STEM Is Easy with a Sally Ride Site License

Help improve science literacy, support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and help students make connections between STEM lessons and STEM careers with the Sally Ride Site License.

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Sacramento - STEMtastic Summer Afterschool Activities

Superintendents, school districts, afterschool providers, administrators, certificated teachers, and afterschool practicioners all throughout Region 3 have banded together to help stave off the "summer slide" & weight gain that many children experience once the school doors close for summer. Utilizing supplemental funding from CDO, Title I funds, grants from private foundations, etc. they have been able to open up some of the schools in their districts to provide the children that they serve with either four to eight week long Summer Learning Programs.

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NASA & the Khan Academy for STEM Education

The non-profit, educational website Khan Academy collaborates with NASA to bring a series of astronomy & space exploration tutorials to the public. The tutorials are divided into three sections with each section geared towards acquainting the learner with aspects of space & NASA's understand & exploration of them. By building an increasing interest in the solar system, NASA & the Khan Academy hope to promote STEM education, especially in young girls & women, who are frequently underrepresented in the field.

Learn Programming Logic with Kodable

Kodable is a kid friendly game for your youth to learn simple programming fundamentals on your iPad. Learn about sequences, loops, functions and more!

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Roadtrip Nation Career Roadmap and Interview Archive

Roadtrip Nation, with its Career Roadmap, provides a valuable resource for students looking to be pointed in the direction of careers which reflect their interests and best qualities. The roadmap is a game-like experience which matches students with professionals based on their answers to self-assessment questions. Students are allowed to search professional profiles to become educated and inspired by their successes in their careers.

Editor Keywords: Lets Kids Develop Their Own Flappy Bird Game In 15 Minutes

The non-profit organization has created a tutorial called “Make Your Own Flappy Bird,” allowing students to practice writing code by learning how to make their own Flappy Bird Game in less than 20 minutes. With the tutorial, hopes to promote computer science education by showing that developing code can be very simple. Additionally, the tutorial allows students to explore their creativity by coding the game to have different rules, teaching them that with computer science, there are endless possibilities.

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Climate Change Expedition

Get your passport ready! It's time to go on a trip around to world to explore the effects of climate change. The Enviornmental Protection Agency allow students take a virtual journey to a number of locations around the world and watch a short video at each stop to learn about the effects of climate change.

National Water Information System: Mapper

Mapper allows users to locate and retrieve data from approximately 1.5 million active and inactive stream gauges sites in all 50 States. You can find current and historical data on stream flow (discharge), temperature, specific conductance, pH, nutrients, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds for steams throughout California. One can also find links to annual stream reports that date major flow changes to a stream and break the flow data accordingly, allowing students to graph and interpret the changes.

BioEd Online

Welcome to BioEd Online, the online educational resource for educators, students, and parents. BioEd Online utilizes state-of-the-art technology to give you instant access to reliable, cutting-edge information and educational tools for biology and related subjects. Our goal is to provide useful, accurate, and current information and materials that build upon and enhance the skills and knowledge of science educators.

Weather Wiz Kids®

Welcome to Weather Wiz Kids®! Meteorologist Crystal Wicker designed this website especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. It’s also a wonderful educational website for teachers and parents to give them the right tools to explain the different types of weather to children. The website includes instructions to a number of simple weather-related experiments students can do at home or in the classroom.