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STEM Committee Accomplishments

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The NGSS work group of the STEM Committee pooled a list of resources to help after school and summer programs effectively implement the Next Generation Science Standards. The page lists resources to support the NGSS Implementation (how), access to the NGSS (what), and key reports supporting information for NGSS. These resources will teach educators how to engage K-12 partners in collaboration to advance new standards.

Promising Practices Dissemination

The Promising Practices work group surfaces resources and promising practices that support quality implementation of STEM learning opportunities in expanded learning programs, as well as seeks speakers representing such resources to share presentations with the Committee. The work group has created a comprehensive system to recruit leaders, review applications, and bring quality presentations to the STEM Committee that will share promising practices, strategies, tools, and much more.

Virtual Innovation Support Center (VISC)

The VISC work group offers input and suggestions on how to improve and innovate the Virtual Innovation Support Center (The Power of Discovery), a website designed to provide the tools and resources necessary to support expanded learning programs in the implementation of quality STEM learning opportunities. The work group has and continues to identify the demographic and the specific metrics to create a baseline measuring traffic to; create and implement a communication plan to drive awareness and traffic to the; and, improve the content of the, as well as its presentation, making it more relevant and presentable to our targeted audience.