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How Federal Education Policy Contributes to the Skills Gap – and Can Help Us Move Beyond It

In survey after survey over the last decade, employers have complained of difficulty finding workers with the right mix of skills, despite record numbers of job seekers and college graduates. Concerns about pervasive mismatches between worker skills and employer needs have driven a host of initiatives designed to fix the “skills gap”, so far to little avail.

New Policy Brief Outlines Comprehensive Plan to Strengthen Future Computer Science Workforce

A recent report released by the California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet) indicates that there is a gap between demand for employees from leading technology companies and the number of properly trained workers. With the growing trend of increasing jobs in the computer science workforce, it is critical to adequately prepare and engage students, especially women and underrepresented minorities, in STEM education to accommodate the demand in the industry. This CSLNet policy brief identifies key problems that pose limitations to California’s next generation of computer science employees.

State Legislature Approves California High School Advanced Computer Science Bill – SB 1200

State Legislature Approves California SB 1200 by Calif. State Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) won final legislative approval after a unanimous bipartisan vote of the State Senate today. The bill calls on the UC and CSU to provide guidelines for high school computer science courses that would satisfy an advanced math subject matter requirement for purposes of undergraduate admissions. Currently schools must submit a proposed course curriculum to the UC and CSU for consideration.

California Shores Up Support for Computer Science Education

Computer science education is getting plenty of attention in the California Legislature, with four out of eight bills passing both the Assembly and Senate. And the state's efforts are part of a national push to bring more computer science into schools. Read more on this progress in California's policies on STEM education here.