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National Level

New Policy Brief Outlines Comprehensive Plan to Strengthen Future Computer Science Workforce

A recent report released by the California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet) indicates that there is a gap between demand for employees from leading technology companies and the number of properly trained workers. With the growing trend of increasing jobs in the computer science workforce, it is critical to adequately prepare and engage students, especially women and underrepresented minorities, in STEM education to accommodate the demand in the industry. This CSLNet policy brief identifies key problems that pose limitations to California’s next generation of computer science employees.

Fortifying STEM Education

"The President has consistently called for improvements in STEM education to move America’s students to the top of the pack by enabling all students to learn deeply and think critically in science and math; expanding STEM education opportunities for students from all backgrounds; and building partnerships among educators, businesses and community partners to support advances in STEM education.