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Power of Discovery: STEM2

1 | Build a shared understanding of Quality STEM in expanded learning.  Access Expanded Learning STEM Quality Elements.

2 | Engage diverse stakeholders (e.g., core instructional day staff, community partners, staff, families, youth) in a planning process outlining goals and strategies to achieve goals.  Access the Power of Discovery: STEM2 Assessment and Planning Tools.

3 | Access appropriate curriculum, activities, culminating projects, funding opportunities, and partnerships in order to achieve your goals.  

4 | Access appropriate professional development opportunities, including virtual professional development.

5 | Support site level staff in planning and implementing quality STEM learning activities utilizing the Dimensions of Success Activity Planning Tool.  

6 | Implement your plan and support implementation with ongoing staff development including observation, coaching, reflection, and planning.

7 | Regularly assess a variety of data sources related to your goals and desired outcomes.  Reflect on progress toward goals, and potential future goals and adaptations to your plan.