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Site Level Practices Worthy of Attention

After School STEM-tastic Blog Post #9

Check out Region 3's new STEM-Tastic Blog Post. This article showcases the importance of the sun and renewable energy. Students look into the engineering aspect of utilizing the sun, and the physics behind rockets. In addition, this blog's STEM articles cover topics such as technology and women in STEM. Look out for the upcoming events, and grant deadlines mentioned as well.

Click here to read the After School STEM-tastic Blog Post #9!

Click2Science Professional Development Program

Check out the Click2Science Professional Development Resource which teaches after school staff how to integrate STEM into out-of-school time curriculum. This great resource outlines 20 “Skills to Make STEM Click” which target professional development to improve STEM learning experiences for youth. Additionally, the resource includes training and coaching videos for frontline staff. The resource program is completely free, but registration is required.

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STEM-tastic After School Activities in Region 3

During the months of September and October, site coordinators and students submitted reports to the Region 3 STEM team on hands-on STEM activities that were taking place in the Out-of-School-Time Programs.This forced students to work in groups to complete experiments involving engineering, simple machines, sublimation, hydrophillic, gardens, and more.

To see pictures of the activities or to see reviews on the activities in Region 3, click here.

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Rock-it Science

Rock-it Science is a non-profit organization created by science educator and rocket scientist John McChesney. This organization is meant to introduce low-income and at-risk students into the world of science. It provides various train-the-teacher videos available that demonstrate how elementary and middle school teachers can spark interests in their students through hands-on science experiments. Rock-it Science focuses on training educators and providing students with exciting and innovative science summer camp experiences.

Assessment Tools in Informal Science (ATIS)

The goal of the ATIS websiteis to provide practitioners, evaluators, researchers and policy makers with the information to choose appropriate tools for assessing program quality and outcomes for children and youth. Find the right assessment tool to measure performance of informal and out-of-school science, technology, engineering and math programs. Search by age, type of assessment, what it measures (competence and reasoning, engagement and interest, attitude, career knowledge, etc.)