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Research in Engineering Education

The REE program accepts a diverse range of project scales from small, exploratory projects to large scale investigations with a broad, systemic scope; project budgets should match the project scope.  Small-scale, exploratory projects with high transformative potential are strongly encouraged.  The estimated number of awarded proposals is based on a projected average funding level of approximately $100,000 per project per year.   All PIs should discuss the budget of proposed projects with a cognizant program officer before submission.

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Global Oneness Project Offers Free Lesson Plans Aligning With California Standards

The Global Oneness Project is an educational program that provides free film and media resources aligned with Common Core, College, Career, Civic Life for Social Studies, and the Next Generation Standards. Access free lesson plans that highlight the arts, culture, and the environment in order to engage high school and college students in global and multi-cultural themes, as well as environmental issues. This multimedia education platform aims to inspire action within the community and has been promoted by prominent education campaigns such as TED Ed, and PBS.

Learn more and access the Global Oneness Project.

More Arab Women Studying STEM

For as long as she can remember, Amirah Ahmad Daghache has had a fascination with electronics and computer systems. As a child growing up in Saudi Arabia, Daghache did really well in math and says she was "the nerd that enjoyed doing her math homework."

Today, Daghache, a Palestinian-Canadian, is putting those math skills to use as a telecommunications engineering major at the Canadian University of Dubai.

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Duolingo For Schools Is Free, And It May Change The EdTech Market

Duolingo for schools offers a window into the future of education technology. It shows us how interactive digital technologies can be used to create a more equitable educational landscape, not just in the U.S., but globally. It reminds us why we all bought into these networked technologies in the first place. Data-driven solutions don’t have to be all about corporate growth, they can also be about creating innovative ways to improve humanity’s lived experience in the world.

Sixty million people are now signed up to use Duolingo–the simple, gamified, adaptive language teaching app for smartphones and web browsers. Twenty million of them are currently active users. According to Duolingo, that means there are more people using the platform to learn languages than there are in the entire U.S. public school system.


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Obama Budget Would Restore Ed-Tech Money Flow to K-12 Districts

President Obama's newly proposed budget calls for restoring a big source of federal money to state and local education technology programs, bringing money for teacher training, and classroom instruction customized to individual students' needs.

The Enhancing Education Through Technology program was jettisoned in 2010, but the administration's new budget proposal, unveiled Monday, calls for bringing it back and overhauling it with $200 million as a vehicle for using competitive grants awarded by states to create "model districts" at the local level.


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