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NASA Space Place 3-D Gallery

What’s it like to be standing on the surface of Mars? What about floating outside a Space Shuttle or walking the surface of a massive asteroid? Well, the Space Place can’t take you to these places, but we’ve got the second best option—3D images of them!  Pick up a pair of red-blue 3D glasses and take a look at our latest image gallery. It’s got pictures from all around our solar system and from right here on Earth, too.

Visit the NASA Space Place 3-D Gallery. The Space Place is a NASA educational website about space and Earth sciences and technologies. It targets upper-elementary-aged-children.

SOURCE(S): NASA Space Place 3-D Gallery

Sally Ride- Deloitte 2014-15 Award for Teaching Innovation in STEM

Sally Ride-Deloitte 2014-15 Award for Teaching Innovation in STEM. With first, second, and third place prizes at $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 respectively, educators developing inventive new ways to promote STEM learning will earn funding for their schools. The deadline to submit entries is October 31, 2014. 

Learn more about applying here.

SOURCE(S): Sally Ride Science

Team America Rocketry Challenge

Registration is now open for the 2015 Rocketry Challenge, where teams will have a chance to engage in STEM through analyzing math and science concepts by designing, building, and test-flying a model rocket. Sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), this challenge is the world’s largest rocket contest, with over 7,000 participants competing each year. The top 100 finalists of the Team America Rocketry Challenge will have a chance to test-fly their rockets in Washington DC in May for a chance to receive up to $60,000 and scholarships if they finish in the top ten. This contest is a great way for students to apply their STEM knowledge outside of the classroom. The deadline to apply is December 12, 2014. 

For more information, and to apply, click here.


Heads of State and Business Leaders Participate in Launch of the “Global STEM Alliance” at the United Nations

On September 22, 2014 at the United Nations, heads of state, leaders of UN agencies, senior executives of major multinational corporations, and major philanthropists announced the launch of the Global STEM Alliance, a collaboration of governments, companies, schools and NGOs devoted to increasing access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for students worldwide.The Alliance is an initiative of the New York Academy of Sciences, in partnership with over 70 governments, companies, NGOs, universities and schools and with participants and organizations in over 50 countries. The Alliance also announced that it is investing millions of dollars in order to inspire over 1,000,000 children worldwide to become STEM leaders in more than 100 countries by 2020.

SOURCE(S):  http://www.nyas.org/AboutUs/MediaRelations/Detail.aspx?cid=a29b4a5a-c6c9-41d2-8b8e-e68094947020

Etsy’s Trying to Fix Tech’s Women Problem. Why Aren’t You?

Sexism in the technology industry has become such an accepted fact it’s now a punchline, an HBO show, hyperlinked poetry. Discrete incidents are quickly labeled — booth babes, CodeBabes, Titstare, Donglegate — for quick and easy reference and #hashtagging. The tweetstorms and damning blog posts are themselves now eye-rolling clichés: As startup bros are compared to investment bankers and Silicon Valley is likened to the NFL, gender trouble comes as no surprise. Yet each individual flare-up still sparks the same question: What, exactly, is with tech’s woman problem?

SOURCE(S): Medium.com/matter


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