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Girls’ social connections affect math learning

Social connections among African American girls influence their participation and recognition in math class, according to a researcher who found that students who are more socially connected tend to enjoy more access to learning opportunities. Socially peripheral and isolated students had less support, but not all were equally affected. Those who valued social status often participated less, while those who were indifferent to social status participated more and worked alone by choice. Read more about this here.

SOURCE(S):  Sciencedaily

Davis teachers learn to use robots in daily lessons

Sharon McCorkell watches her robot trace a blue-painted circle, following closely but never straying from its route. When it finishes the task, she raises her hands in jubilation. That great feeling of a job well done is what she wants to cultivate in her science students at King High School. So she and fellow King High teacher Cathy Haskell learned how to integrate robotics into their classroom instruction at a recent 60-hour training program held at the Yolo County Office of Education. Read more about it here.

SOURCE(S): Davis Enterprise

Facebook Hosts First Hackathon For Female Veterans

There are dozens of hackathons in Silicon Valley every month, but on Monday Facebook hosted one with a twist. Rather than the college-aged brogrammers that usually dominate the coding marathons, female veterans were the only participants at the first Women Vets in Tech event. About 30 female veterans participated in the hackathon, pitching a variety of ideas from Bohdi therapies, an app to provide therapy to vets suffering from anxiety, to Puppyness, a crowd-sourced app that would tell dog owners which restaurants and stores in their area are dog friendly.” This is the fourth Vets in Tech hackathon since it hosted its first in November 2012 at Adobe. The organization focuses on teaching veterans entrepreneurship skills and connecting them with tech companies as they return from active duty and search for employment. The Facebook hackathon was the first that was only for female engineers. Continue reading the article here.

SOURCE(S):  TechCrunch

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