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The California STEM Learning Network Releases New STEM Toolkit

The California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet) has recently released a report and supplement toolkit with resources to help advocates built a strong foundation of STEM and science education in schools' L

Assembly Bill 252 Seeks to Provide Funding For AP Courses to Low-Income Schools

Assemblyman Chris Holden recently authored AB 252, which seeks to support STEM education in underserved communities by providing funding for Advanced Placement Courses in STEM subjects in order to incre


CASRC and CHKRC Online Training: Hands-On STEM Series

Check out the Hands-On STEM Series Training hosted by the California After School Resource Center (CASRC) and California Healthy Kids Resource Center (CHKRC).


The Tech Challenge 2015: Seismic Engineering in Action

Register now for the 2015 Tech Challenge: Seismic Engineering in Action, an interactive design contest for children grades 4-12 where participants apply engineering knowledge to solve a real-life problem. Developed by the Tech Museum of Innovation, this challenge is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards as well as Common Core and aims to promote STEM learning. Additionally, the challenge includes team workshops, information clinics, trainings, lessons, and final event days.

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ESA LOFT Video Game Innovation Funding Opportunity

Kids Share Their Own Creative Ideas on How to Solve Global Waste Problem

Kids from all over the world submitted their own creative ideas on how they think we should address the global waste problem to a contest facilitated by a Massachusetts-based creative research firm in partnership with the marketing company Latitude. Because current generations are extremely technology-oriented, many of the answers provided by the children reflected brilliant and revolutionary suggestions.


STEM Mentors Aim to Reverse Low Diversity Trend in Tech Fields

A recent report released by Google reveals starkingly low levels of diversity in tech fields with regards to women and minorities. Specifically, only 17% of the field is represented by women and less than 3% is represented by minority groups.


NASA & the Khan Academy for STEM Education

The non-profit, educational website Khan Academy collaborates with NASA to bring a series of astronomy & space exploration tutorials to the public. The tutorials are divided into three sections with each section geared towards acquainting the learner with aspects of space & NASA's understand & exploration of them. By building an increasing interest in the solar system, NASA & the Khan Academy hope to promote STEM education, especially in young girls & women, who are frequently underrepresented in the field.

Women Tech Innovators

A Day in the Life: Women Tech Innovators is an National Public Radio (NPR) Special Series on different, inspiring women who are the wheels of the technology field. This radio broadcast also examines why men are the dominating entrepreneurs & how we can encourage young women to delve into careers in science.

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Tech Shift Shows More Women Are Enrolling in Computer Science Classes

Many universities, including UC Berkeley and Stanford, are experiencing a significant increase in the number of women studying computer science, reversing long-standing trends of low female computer science majors in comparison to males. This shift is encouraging change in introductory classes, making them more appealing to women by removing aspects that used to discourage enrollment and emphasizing the value of computing in the real world.

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