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Programmatic Practices Worthy of Attention

Students in Regular Day and After School Programs at Lymon Gilmore Middle School Participate in Large Scientific Project

On May 31, 2014, regular day and and after school programs at Lymon Gilmore Middle School hosted the Second Annual Flight Day in celebration of Gilmore's first successful airplane flight by setting up many interactive activity booths educating students about the science and engineering behind the principles of flight. This event brought together an entire community of educators and even included a fly over by 15 local pilots.

Engineer's Week in Chula Vista

Chula Vista (Vista Square) & South Bay Family YMCA is a part of our Power of Discovery: STEM2 efforts. They had a major celebration for Engineer’s Week & received great media coverage. 

STEM Videos

Techbridge Announces Launch of Role Models Matter Online Training

Techbridge is proud to announce the release of their new Role Models Matter Toolkit, an interactive online training module which provides effective strategies on how to foster youth engagement

After School STEM-tastic Blog Post #9

Check out Region 3's new STEM-Tastic Blog Post. This article showcases the importance of the sun and renewable energy. Students look into the engineering aspect of utilizing the sun, and the physics behind rockets. In addition, this blog's STEM articles cover topics such as technology and women in STEM. Look out for the upcoming events, and grant deadlines mentioned as well.

Click here to read the After School STEM-tastic Blog Post #9!

Click2Science Professional Development Program

Check out the Click2Science Professional Development Resource which teaches after school staff how to integrate STEM into out-of-school time curriculum. This great resource outlines 20 “Skills to Make STEM Click” which target professional development to improve STEM learning experiences for youth. Additionally, the resource includes training and coaching videos for frontline staff. The resource program is completely free, but registration is required.

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STEM-tastic After School Region 3

The STEM-tastic After School Region 3 blog features a variety of articles targeted for anyone interested in After School activities and After School Science. Learn about the history of a song and how it relates to engery efficient fuels, and notible people of history.

To check out this blog click here.

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Makerspace Playbook : How to Guide

Makerspace is a hackerspace is a community-operated workspace where people can meet, socialize, and collaborate. Not only does Makerspace support the growth of Maker communities, but it contains a playbook which covers challenges involved in creating a space.

Contents of the Playbook include:

  1. Beginings
  2. Places 
  3. Tools & Materials
  4. Safety
  5. Roles
  6. Practices
  7. A Year of making
  8. Projects
  9. Startup
  10. Documenting
  11. Snapshots
  12. Resources


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STEM-tastic After School Activities in Region 3

During the months of September and October, site coordinators and students submitted reports to the Region 3 STEM team on hands-on STEM activities that were taking place in the Out-of-School-Time Programs.This forced students to work in groups to complete experiments involving engineering, simple machines, sublimation, hydrophillic, gardens, and more.

To see pictures of the activities or to see reviews on the activities in Region 3, click here.

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Sally Ride STEM Central

Sally Ride Science’s STEM Central is a free, open source website consisting of instructional STEM resources. Resources include PowerPoints, videos, and lessons  in STEM related subjects and are each personally reviewed by educators. And if that isn’t enough, starting November 1, 2013, educators can submit their own links, ratings, and reviews to STEM Central.

To visit Sally Ride Science's STEM Central, click here.

Innovator in Online Math Education Launches “Sums & Solutions” Educational Blog

The MIND Research Institute, an educational non-profit company, launched Sums & Solutions, a K-12 educational blog where teachers, principals, superintendents, education leaders, and members can share ideas, questions, and personal stories to enrich the educational math experience.

Read the full article, here.

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