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Grant Databases

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation serves to provide grants to deserving programs.  The organization is dedicated to helping to close the achievement gap seen in impoverished students and minority students in middle school mathematics. They seek to do this though cultivating effective teaching strategies and offering after school assistance with mathematics work.

To access information about the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, click here. exists to help with the management of the National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. Through this database researchers can check grant application status, access cash requests, prepare and submit reports of their research, and submit applications to NSF. The public can see the latest research information and view different projects that NSF is funding.

To access, click here.

The James S. McDonnell Family Foundation

The James S. McDonnell Family Foundation (JSMF) has recently announced a new funding initiative around the 21st Century Science Initiative. JSMF strongly suppors science and believes is most effective when it invests in the acquisition of new knowledge and in the responsible application of knowledge for solving the real world problems.

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Silicon Valley Community Foundation Grants

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) has created grants for the past five years that address the needs of the community. SVCF focuses on five major grant strategies which includes: economic security, education, immigrant integration, regional planning and safety net services.  

Access the Silicon Valley Community Foundation grant opportunities here


National Science Foundation is a website that provides access to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) reserach related information and grants management services. From checking the status of a recently submitted grant application, to accessing information about NSF STEM related investments, this is a one stop shop to manage all grant management needs.


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Grant Wrangler

Grant Wrangler is a database that allows users to search grants and other funding opportunities by section. Some of the different grant sections include: STEM, Arts & Humanities, Health & Physical Education, Technology and much more!

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