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Technology and Just-in-Time-Learning

While technology has transformed almost every aspect of modern life, our higher education system has barely changed. Universities teach young adults today in much the same way they did in medieval Europe: “Sage on Stage,” the model where a professor lectures in a unidirectional manner to a roomful of hundreds of students.

Today’s technology and new insights into using it, however, present very real opportunities. The promise of improving learning outcomes while increasing retention and graduation rates is something we can no longer ignore.

Fortunately, the industry is finally realizing the importance of technology, particularly in higher education settings. Professors are embracing technology in the classroom, and administrators are realizing the ways it can improve outcomes, retention, and assessment. Investors are paying attention too; venture capital money is streaming into this market, with over a billion dollars toward education technology in the last 12 months alone.

To understand where technology can really improve the higher education experience, we must consider the two main approaches today: top-down learning and traditional liberal arts education. By understanding the key differences between these models, we can pinpoint where technology can make the biggest difference in the long term.


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