There are also databases that provide comprehensive lists of reviewed curriculum specifically for expanded learning programs. The reviewed curriculum spans across various grade levels, disciplines, & subject matter.

Brief Description: Set of 20 units focus on science and engineering activities and career exploration.   Designed for girls during or after school and summer, but can also be used in co-ed settings.  Techbridge offers training that can be customized for partners.

STEM Subjects: Science, Engineering
Other Subject: Career exploration
Grades: Elementary, Middle, and High (Gr. 1-5, Gr. 6-8, Gr. 9-12)
Student participants: Unlimited
Format: Activity Guide

Description: Techbridge was launched in 2000 in Oakland, California to expand the academic and career options of girls. Since its founding, Techbridge has served over 3,500 girls in grades 5-12 with hands-on projects and career exploration opportunities. Techbridge also offers professional development for teachers, role models, and partners. 

Designed for girls during after school and summer, Techbridge curriculum is also being used successfully in co-ed settings. Projects foster teamwork and perseverance as kids learn to work together to solve real-world problems. Today’s youth want to make the world a better place but may not see how science and engineering are compatible with these interests. With Techbridge activities, they can. Activities are simple to lead and don’t require a science background.

While hands-on projects can spark an interest, Techbridge research has shown that career exploration and role models help make that connection to careers in science and engineering. Techbridge curriculum offers career exploration activities and resources to expand career options. A resource guide and toolkit for role models helps host effective worksite trips and classroom visits.

Techbridge offers training and coaching that can be customized for partners.