There are also databases that provide comprehensive lists of reviewed curriculum specifically for expanded learning programs. The reviewed curriculum spans across various grade levels, disciplines, & subject matter.

Brief Description: Curricula includes an activity guide for water education and is designed to be a highly flexible supplemental material. Educators can contact their state representative to schedule a low-cost workshop and obtain curricula. Curricula are also available for purchase without workshop completion.

STEM Subject: Science
Other Subjects: Environmental science, ecology
Grades: Elementary, Middle, and High (Gr. K-5, Gr. 6-8, Gr. 9-12)
Student participants: Unspecified
Format: Activity Guide

Description: Project WET is a national project designed to include water and environmental education concepts in pre-existing programs. Curriculum is developed by community members using a Project WET curriculum template, ensuring relevancy to many different groups. The content is correlated to most states' education standards and has undergone regular evaluation that has shown participants to increase their environmental science knowledge.

The Project WET activity guide contains 91 water-related activities for students in grades K-12. To obtain the curriculum, educators must first complete a minimum of six hours of training through local facilitations. Workshops are scheduled through the local coordinator (in California, the coordinator is based in Sacramento). Pricing information for workshop and curricula are obtained by scheduling a training; according to the program contact, workshops are generally under $40 per participant (and can be free depending on the sponsoring organization), are a minimum of 6 hours long, and encompass 5-7 activities. Materials are designed to be low-cost and are likely to be already present in the program, or can be purchased at discount craft stores and/or home improvement stores.

Other individual resources are available for purchase, including educator guides about specific water-related and ecological topics; children's storybooks about water-related and ecological topics; activity kits; maps and posters; and more. These can be purchased without attending a training workshop.