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What does The Power of Discovery: STEM2 mean for...

Expanded Learning Providers?

The Power of Discovery: STEM2 effort mobilizes a broad coalition of community partners with STEM resources and expertise to engage and support California’s students by providing guidance, training, and support for the development of high-quality STEM programs.

Grades K-12?

The Power of Discovery: STEM2 can help schools respond to parents and the public who strongly believe that STEM education should be a high priority, don’t think students spend enough time on the STEM subjects and want them to have more. With K-12 leadership and support this effort can:
  • Amplify and support the efforts of schools and teachers to enhance STEM Learning.
  • Link schools with needed expertise and resources.
  • Expand the learning day and increase opportunities for students (after school learning can add equivalent of 90 instructional days).
  • The initiative can help school leaders to achieve commitments they have already made.
  • Support efforts to further student understanding of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Meet requirements for effective school/family/ community partnerships.

Business & Industry?

The Power of Discovery: STEMoffers business an effective and cohesive path to meaningful partnerships with schools after school organizations to strengthen STEM Learning and further workforce preparation.
Expanding STEM learning opportunities for students is critical to the future of California, because:
  • Students have little access to quality learning opportunities in Science and other STEM fields.
  • California ranks 47th in terms of students proficiency in science.
  • Employers are unable to fill STEM jobs and demand in California is expected to grow by 19 percent to a total of 1.1 million STEM jobs by 2018.



The Power of Discovery: STEM2 can help to make STEM learning a priority for California Schools by:
  • Increasing quality STEM learning opportunities in expanded learning programs, and surrounding schools and community organizations with the resources, expertise, and assistance they need to transform STEM learning.
  • Enhancing school-based STEM instruction and expand out of school STEM learning opportunities.
  • Building a brighter future by keeping California at the forefront of technology and innovation.
  • Helping young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Making sure that students have the time and resources they need to study science and other STEM subjects.

Community Organizations?

The Power of Discovery: STEM2:
  • Builds upon and creates new opportunities for community-based organizations to share content and expertise with schools and after school providers.
  • Facilitates effective partnerships with schools and after school organizations.
  • Increases student/parent exposure to and participation in community-based STEM learning opportunities.


Higher Education?

The Power of Discovery: STEM2 offers Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) easier ways to work with schools and community based organizations (CBO). Expanded learning programs have a designated program director that can act as the liaison between IHE, CBOs, and school districts. 

The Power of Discovery: STEM2 offers new opportunities to strengthen teacher preparation programs. New teachers will have new opportunities for clinical practice in high quality after school STEM programs, helping them to develop confidence and competence in teaching STEM.