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Federal workforce 2014: Hiring millennials and closing the STEM skills gap

The big question facing the federal workforce in 2014 was one that persists year after year: How does government compete with the perk-filled, high-salary private sector for the innovative minds starting their careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields?

The Office of Personnel Management, led by new Director Katherine Archuleta, introduced several initiatives targeting millennials, who are largely grouped into the STEM-educated, innovative class and will be tasked with replenishing the federal workforce as the baby boomers set to retire. OPM took an inherently digital push, attempting to pose the federal government as a digital equal to the workplaces in the private sector that offer flexible work arrangements, mobility and the ability to work remotely. Throughout the year, Archuleta and her team released several new tools to help federal leadership learn about their workforce and improve efficiency and effectiveness. After the damning release of the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, OPM is looking to dashboard to help managers dive deep into the response of their employees and make the federal workforce a stronger one.

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