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Answers to Science Questions From the Stop Faking It! Guy

The National Science Teachers Association provides access to an eBook called, Answers to Science Questions From the Stop Faking It! Guy. This valuable and entertaining compendium of Bill Robertson’s popular “Science 101” columns, from NSTA member journal Science and Children, proves you don’t have to be a science geek to understand basic scientific concepts. The author of the best-selling Stop Faking It! series explains everything from quarks to photosynthesis, telescopes to the expanding universe, and atomic clocks to curveballs—all with his trademark wit and irreverence.The 33 short columns, plus a new introduction, provide an introductory science course of sorts, covering topics in life science, Earth and space science, physical science, technology, and more—perfect for K-8 teachers, homeschoolers, or parents who just want to boost their science know-how. Easily understood prose and lively illustrations by cartoonist Brian Diskin make this volume an engaging—and more important, readable—course you can pass with flying colors. 

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