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Youth Engagement & Development

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math provides a comprehensive guide to the growingfield of data science. The website features in-depth guides to how datascience is used in various industries, a comprehensive directory of datascience and related graduate degree programs, and more. The ultimate STEM guide is a resource to increase a child's interest inSTEM-related fields.

MOUSE Squad of California

The MOUSE Squad of California is program, used in over 105 schools, committed to helping students hones their skills in Information Technology (IT), communication, leadership, and problem solving skills, through technical projects. IT includes online curriculum, hands-on activities, and volunteers to assist instructors. The program can be implemented as an after-school program or an in-school elective.

To learn more about the MOUSE Squad of California, or how to implement it at your school or organization, click here. 

Informed by Nature - Online Science Fair

The Online Science Fair is much more than a simple competition: it offers students the ability to upload, share, and store their projects for years to come. The integrated social media functionality encourages students to share their work with peers, family, and even future college admissions boards, highlighting their scientific prowess and building pride in their work. This is a free science learning platform that encourages hands-on, self-guided or group learning among students in OST programs and in the classroom.


NASA For Educators

NASA for Educators is designed to assist educators of K-12 students. They have activity ideas each grade as well as videos that teachers can use in their classes or after school programs. The site also features a calendar with information about educational events occurring each day.

To access more information about NASA for Educators, click here.

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Discovery Cube

Brought to us by the Discovery Science Center, Discovery Cube is a web site that provides information on the Discovery Science Center located in Santa Ana, California. The Discovery Science Center aims to project interest in science, math, and technology through interactive exhibitis and progams. Explore previous exhibits and find information on upcoming/ongoing exhibits such as the Bob the Builder, Indiana Jones, and Bubble Fest XVII exhibit. They also provide science resources under their education section including free science kits and projects and teacher resources.

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KQED includes an education based section on their website dedicated to enlighten student, teacher, and parent objectives and development. The goal is to provide resources for educators in order to integrate media and new media tools into a student's learning experience in both formal and informal settings. KQED is a community based public media station and offers the entirety of there resources free of cost to the community.
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Interactive Science Games and Activities

May 11, 2012

Science Zone has an abundance of interactive activities and games for students of all ages! From Habitats to Circuit Boards, to Earth and Space; this website is a great way to introduce new topics to students or reiterate concepts they have already learned. Check out all of the different types of games by clicking on the link below to discover them for yourself!

Science Center

RAFT Bay Area STEM Kits for Students with Autism

Online Tools & Curriculum – STEM Kits for Students with Autism

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) Bay Area recently partnered with a student from Stanford University to create hands-on, pre-assembled STEM activity kits for students with autism.  The kits are affordable and ready to go, making them a great resource for after-school programs.  Each kit also contains the step-by-step process for implementing the activity and a materials list.  In addition to kits for students with Autism, practitioners will find 100's of activities and videos for students K-12.  Visit for more information.


STEM Kits for Students with Autism