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Practices Worthy of Attention

Click2Science Professional Development Program

Check out the Click2Science Professional Development Resource which teaches after school staff how to integrate STEM into out-of-school time curriculum. This great resource outlines 20 “Skills to Make STEM Click” which target professional development to improve STEM learning experiences for youth. Additionally, the resource includes training and coaching videos for frontline staff. The resource program is completely free, but registration is required.

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Summer and after-school programs provide a jump on Common Core

This article examines the importance of summer school and after school learning that promotes the Common Core Standards. Kellie Madden and Domani Kem are teachers who practice the Common Core Standards learned by teaching summer school.
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Innovator in Online Math Education Launches “Sums & Solutions” Educational Blog

The MIND Research Institute, an educational non-profit company, launched Sums & Solutions, a K-12 educational blog where teachers, principals, superintendents, education leaders, and members can share ideas, questions, and personal stories to enrich the educational math experience.

Read the full article, here.

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Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science is operated through the University of California at Berkeley. The institution seeks to help students see their potential in the field of science and give them experience seeing science in daily life. This website offers resources to educators and site leaders including kits for science programs, workshops about science,  tools for educators, and links to multiple resources.

Access the Lawrence Hall of Science Here

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Achieve the Core

This website provides educators with tons of resources specifically geared towards implementing the new Common Core State Standards in the classroom. Learn what they are and how to properly apply them in the student's everyday learning experience. 

Achieve the Core: Implementing the new Common Core State Standards

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Science After School: How to Design and Run Great Program Activities (TASC)

This guide for program leaders offers a framework and practical advice for creating and maintaining high-quality science learning program in out-of-school time sites.