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The California Department of Parks and Recreation

The California Department of Parks and Recreation offers curriculum to educators who wish to teach about the natural world. They offer resources for inside the classroom, such as maps, photos, and videos. They also will assist educators who wish to take their students outdoors to study in the state parks.

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Discovery Cube

Brought to us by the Discovery Science Center, Discovery Cube is a web site that provides information on the Discovery Science Center located in Santa Ana, California. The Discovery Science Center aims to project interest in science, math, and technology through interactive exhibitis and progams. Explore previous exhibits and find information on upcoming/ongoing exhibits such as the Bob the Builder, Indiana Jones, and Bubble Fest XVII exhibit. They also provide science resources under their education section including free science kits and projects and teacher resources.

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Buildings Industry Transportation Electricity Scenarios

The Buildings Industry Transportation Electricity Scenarios (BITES) tool helps teachers instruct their students about energy. This computer program allows users to manipulate the sources of energy in the United States. Once they make those changes, students can see how use of renewable energy sources would impact the carbon dioxide emissions of the United States.


To access information about BITES, click here.

Windows to the Universe

Windows to the Universe is a project of the National Earth Science Teachers Association. The website offers resources for educators including suggested activities, classroom materials, and links to current research.  The website also carefully explains basic aspects of scientific disciplines to reach all knowledge levels.

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