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Computer Science/Coding

Do you want to code a snowflake?

In the tutorial, female tech role models including Microsoft engineer Paola Mejia and app developing model Lyndsey Scott talk participants through basic programming concepts.Then the fun begins as new students write code to move Anna and Elsa around and etch patterns onto the ice. The program uses colorful, simplified blocks of code that snap together like virtual lego pieces.

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Access free Computer Science resources from & Participate in the National Hour of Code

Computer science is a hot skill that is growing in demand in the workforce, & unfortunately, not many youth get to participate in computer science activities.

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math provides a comprehensive guide to the growingfield of data science. The website features in-depth guides to how datascience is used in various industries, a comprehensive directory of datascience and related graduate degree programs, and more. The ultimate STEM guide is a resource to increase a child's interest inSTEM-related fields.

NASA & the Khan Academy for STEM Education

The non-profit, educational website Khan Academy collaborates with NASA to bring a series of astronomy & space exploration tutorials to the public. The tutorials are divided into three sections with each section geared towards acquainting the learner with aspects of space & NASA's understand & exploration of them. By building an increasing interest in the solar system, NASA & the Khan Academy hope to promote STEM education, especially in young girls & women, who are frequently underrepresented in the field.

Learn Programming Logic with Kodable

Kodable is a kid friendly game for your youth to learn simple programming fundamentals on your iPad. Learn about sequences, loops, functions and more!

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Roadtrip Nation Career Roadmap and Interview Archive

Roadtrip Nation, with its Career Roadmap, provides a valuable resource for students looking to be pointed in the direction of careers which reflect their interests and best qualities. The roadmap is a game-like experience which matches students with professionals based on their answers to self-assessment questions. Students are allowed to search professional profiles to become educated and inspired by their successes in their careers.

Editor Keywords: Lets Kids Develop Their Own Flappy Bird Game In 15 Minutes

The non-profit organization has created a tutorial called “Make Your Own Flappy Bird,” allowing students to practice writing code by learning how to make their own Flappy Bird Game in less than 20 minutes. With the tutorial, hopes to promote computer science education by showing that developing code can be very simple. Additionally, the tutorial allows students to explore their creativity by coding the game to have different rules, teaching them that with computer science, there are endless possibilities.

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With Tynker’s New Service, Kids Can Learn To Code At Home

Tynker for Home, is a startup company focused on teaching elementary and middle school students the basics of code through web based software. Tynker for Home uses games, videos, and other visual content to help students learn how to think like a developer through fun activties such as building an animated character and teaching it how to move and perform tasks through a visual programming language. Tynker for Schools costs $50 per student and has been implemented in over 2,700 elementary and middle schools, reaching 23,000 students.

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