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Youth Development

Assembly Bill 252 Seeks to Provide Funding For AP Courses to Low-Income Schools

Assemblyman Chris Holden recently authored AB 252, which seeks to support STEM education in underserved communities by providing funding for Advanced Placement Courses in STEM subjects in order to incre


Sacramento - STEMtastic Summer Afterschool Activities

Superintendents, school districts, afterschool providers, administrators, certificated teachers, and afterschool practicioners all throughout Region 3 have banded together to help stave off the "summer slide" & weight gain that many children experience once the school doors close for summer. Utilizing supplemental funding from CDO, Title I funds, grants from private foundations, etc. they have been able to open up some of the schools in their districts to provide the children that they serve with either four to eight week long Summer Learning Programs.

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NSTA/CSTA Blended Learning Experience

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) are teaming up to provide valuable learning opportunities on how to adapt to the changes

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STEM Mentors Aim to Reverse Low Diversity Trend in Tech Fields

A recent report released by Google reveals starkingly low levels of diversity in tech fields with regards to women and minorities. Specifically, only 17% of the field is represented by women and less than 3% is represented by minority groups.


Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project

"The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project – EECapacity – provides opportunities for professionals and volunteers to join in discussions about our environment and our communities, share success stories of where environmental education has made a difference, and learn about successful practices from across the globe.

Best Buy Building 21st Century Grants

The Best Buy Community Grants Program provides support to nonprofit organizations that are located within 50 miles of a Best Buy facility.

Click2Science Launches a New Skill to Make STEM Click: Supporting Testing and Retesting

Click2Science has recently developed an organizational tool called "Supporting Testing and Retesting," which includes modules, videos, trainings, and activities which encourage kids to learn b

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Roadtrip Nation Career Roadmap and Interview Archive

Roadtrip Nation, with its Career Roadmap, provides a valuable resource for students looking to be pointed in the direction of careers which reflect their interests and best qualities. The roadmap is a game-like experience which matches students with professionals based on their answers to self-assessment questions. Students are allowed to search professional profiles to become educated and inspired by their successes in their careers.

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Pilot Engineering Adventures Middle School (and Upper Elementary) Modules

Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere Curriculum has been developed specifically for expanded learning environments by the Boston Museum of Science. As  many of you heard during our December Committee meeting, they are seeking expanded learning programs and sites to pilot test their three new out-of-school time engineering units outlined below. Sites chosen to pilot the units receive educator guides, all materials necessary for children to complete the activities, and an educator stipend.


Youth Speak Out on what they Want from Afterschool Programs

Recent studies directly reaching out to students asking their input about afterschool programs reveal that students would benefit greatly from being engaged in youth art programs. The 113 page report, which surveyed kids ages 10-13, found that while students considered "art" in the sense of drawing and painting to be dull, they are very interested in programs that involve dancing, singing, design, and beat-making. It is important for afterschool programs to focus on art especially with the recent cuts in the curriculum of public schools.