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Techbridge Announces Launch of Role Models Matter Online Training

Techbridge is proud to announce the release of their new Role Models Matter Toolkit, an interactive online training module which provides effective strategies on how to foster youth engagement

Click2Science Professional Development Program

Check out the Click2Science Professional Development Resource which teaches after school staff how to integrate STEM into out-of-school time curriculum. This great resource outlines 20 “Skills to Make STEM Click” which target professional development to improve STEM learning experiences for youth. Additionally, the resource includes training and coaching videos for frontline staff. The resource program is completely free, but registration is required.

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Summer is Just Around the Corner

Studies show during the summer students experience learning loss, because they are not in school. Fortunantly, there are programs to allow to students to continue to learn throughout the summer. Techbridge, a community commited to inspire girls to continue learning, has posted a helpful article about this issue on their blog.

Click here to learn about this resource.

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Summer and after-school programs provide a jump on Common Core

This article examines the importance of summer school and after school learning that promotes the Common Core Standards. Kellie Madden and Domani Kem are teachers who practice the Common Core Standards learned by teaching summer school.
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Video Produced by the Learning in After-school & Summer Project

This video focuses on the learning principles that expanded learning programs or any setting interested in promoting young people's learning should incorporate.These learning principles include Learning that is Active, Collaborative, Meaningful, Supports Mastery, and Expands Horizons. The video features comments from California State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Researcher Deborah Vandell, Educator Pedro Noguera, after-school youth, and others.

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CDE Common Core Learning Modules

The California Department of Education has released a series of online learning modules to help educatiors transition to the Common Core State Standards. The resource is a collaboration between the CDE and professional learning experts.

Access free CDE Common Core Learning Modules here.

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Expanded Learning Professional Development Resource - Click2SciencePD

On January 7,  2014, the debut of the Click2Science professional development website was announced. This online, video-based professional development resource is designed to empower expanded learning program staff to build 20 essential skills needed to facilitate high quality STEM learning opportunities in expanded learning programs.

Learn more and access Click2SciencePD.

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Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century believes that grit, tenacity, and perseverance are the essential factors to preparing students for both academia and life in the growing STEM centered world. has compiled an extensive document that defines, explores, questions, and measures the role of grit, tenacity, and perseverance in education involving technology and how to promote these three factors in students. 

To read the full report, click here.


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Tis' the Season for STEM

With the holidays coming up, it’s easy to forget that everyday is the season for STEM learning. Through inquiry- based, project-based, and hands on activities, Region 3 has been preparing students for real-world projects with 3 new activities:

  • Car in a Roll
  • Puff Rockets
  • Colors of Light Spectroscope

Click here to learn more about these activities!

Youth Speak Out on what they Want from Afterschool Programs

Recent studies directly reaching out to students asking their input about afterschool programs reveal that students would benefit greatly from being engaged in youth art programs. The 113 page report, which surveyed kids ages 10-13, found that while students considered "art" in the sense of drawing and painting to be dull, they are very interested in programs that involve dancing, singing, design, and beat-making. It is important for afterschool programs to focus on art especially with the recent cuts in the curriculum of public schools.