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NASA's Climate Kids Releases New Educational Game

Check out NASA's Climate Kids new educational game 'OFFSET!,' where kids will learn about greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide as they balance COsources with CO"sinks"

Improving Science Literacy & Getting Started with STEM Is Easy with a Sally Ride Site License

Help improve science literacy, support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and help students make connections between STEM lessons and STEM careers with the Sally Ride Site License.

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Sacramento - STEMtastic Summer Afterschool Activities

Superintendents, school districts, afterschool providers, administrators, certificated teachers, and afterschool practicioners all throughout Region 3 have banded together to help stave off the "summer slide" & weight gain that many children experience once the school doors close for summer. Utilizing supplemental funding from CDO, Title I funds, grants from private foundations, etc. they have been able to open up some of the schools in their districts to provide the children that they serve with either four to eight week long Summer Learning Programs.

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New After School Unit Will Offer High-Flying Fun

Engineering Adventures, as part of their elementary after school curriculum, has released a new unit called "Sky's the Limit," designed to engage students in topics of aeronautical engineering. Currently undergoing pilot testing, this curriculum introduces engineering in a fun and exciting way through allowing kids to build their own flying saucers and helicopters and testing them in model wind tunnels. "Sky's the Limit" is supported by NASA and will be widely available to the public in Fall 2014. 

Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project

"The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project – EECapacity – provides opportunities for professionals and volunteers to join in discussions about our environment and our communities, share success stories of where environmental education has made a difference, and learn about successful practices from across the globe.

STEM-tastic After School Activities in Region 3

STEM-tastic After School Activities in Region 3 is an After School Region 3 blog post about the Grass Valley School District gathering at Lyman Gilmore Middle School (over 1,000 students) on May 21, 2014 to celebrate the 112th anniversary of Lyman Gilmore's supposed maiden flight. "The regular day staff, the after school staff, local businesses, and the community came together to put on the Second Annual Flight Day.

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Engineer's Week in Chula Vista

Chula Vista (Vista Square) & South Bay Family YMCA is a part of our Power of Discovery: STEM2 efforts. They had a major celebration for Engineer’s Week & received great media coverage. 

STEM Videos

NASA & the Khan Academy for STEM Education

The non-profit, educational website Khan Academy collaborates with NASA to bring a series of astronomy & space exploration tutorials to the public. The tutorials are divided into three sections with each section geared towards acquainting the learner with aspects of space & NASA's understand & exploration of them. By building an increasing interest in the solar system, NASA & the Khan Academy hope to promote STEM education, especially in young girls & women, who are frequently underrepresented in the field.

Start Engineering Develops "Dream, Invent, Create" Kids Book

Start Engineering is proud to announce the release of their kids book "Dream, Invent, Create" to engage elementary school children in engineering. With poems, illustrations, and activities, this book demonstrates to kids how engineering is in the world all around us and how the field yields many exciting possibilities.


Learn Programming Logic with Kodable

Kodable is a kid friendly game for your youth to learn simple programming fundamentals on your iPad. Learn about sequences, loops, functions and more!

Click here to learn more.

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